BRIDGE to the Future

Five Strategic Initiatives

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Bullet number one

Build a Solid Foundation
In each area that Reinvent is based and in the infrastructure of the organization.

Continue the current work and reach more people in Southern California, Austin Texas, Michigan and New England.

Bullet number two

Expand our Impact
By raising up new sponsors, captains, and coaches, and opening new areas around the country in 2019.

Bullet number three

Launch our Legacy
With our apprenticeship program.

Currently, two new apprentices are being developed to continue the work of the ministry and we will continue to train more!

Bullet number four

Empower Sustainable Transformation
By launching a pathway that will create opportunities for people to continue the transformation that is catalyzed in our full-immersion trainings: The Reinvent Training, Impact Training and Legacy in Action.

Our trainings will be one part of a holistic growth path that is designed to create real results and sustainable growth and change. The pathway will also include small group resources and results-based coaching which will be available in 2019.

Bullet number five

Effectively Use our Resources
By focusing on the financial health of Reinvent and raising the funds needed to continue and grow our ministry.

Implement clear and direct communication about our current and future needs as well as where our funding is being used.

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