The Reinvent Ministries Life-Mastery Training Series

The Reinvent Training

Explore powerful strategies for success

This foundational, three-day training empowers you to discover the hidden stumbling blocks that frustrate your progress—specifically in the areas that matter the most to you. As you start to see things about yourself that you never realized, you can take quantum leaps in growth.

  • DISCOVER the strategies you use without even thinking that keep you stuck.
  • LEARN what to do when these strategies get in the way.
  • INVESTIGATE new strategies that can be used to move you forward.
  • PRACTICE shifting from limiting to empowering ways of thinking.
  • GET CLEAR about what is next for you and how to produce it.

In order to create a new trajectory in your life, you’ll have to chart a new pathway. This path works!

The Reinvent Training

Experience life-changing engagement with others

This action-oriented, four-day training is a chance to reinvent what you see as possible with others and to start achieving it immediately.

  • Experience freedom, passion, and power. The experiential format generates powerful breakthroughs.
  • Get real-time practice and coaching in intentional living. The intensive environment and skilled coaching leads to taking dramatic new ground in your life.
  • Gain new awareness of your current effectiveness in life. The interactive engagement illuminates blind spots.
  • Create unprecedented results in relationships. Practice the art and science of creating deeply connected relationships.

There are few opportunities in today’s world to experience life-changing, authentic community like those in the Impact Training.

The Reinvent Training

Build powerful habits that sustain growth

In Legacy In Action, everything from the Reinvent and Impact Trainings comes together for creating an exhilarating and sustainable life.

Legacy in Action is a three-month journey that consists of one weekend per month for three months, plus coaching, peer interaction, and daily guided practices between the training weekends.

  • DEVELOP a powerful vision for living, as you clarify your purpose in life.
  • GAIN CLARITY regarding beliefs about yourself and others that hold you back, and develop strategies to transform them into empowering beliefs.
  • TAKE HUGE STRIDES in identifying and practicing the habits that ensure consistent and sustainable growth.

There is no need to settle. You can be on fire and on mission.

The Full-Immersion Training Pathway

Go all-in and create a legacy that matters

These three, full-immersion trainings will guide you towards all-in living, unstoppable momentum, deeply fulfilling relationships, and life-changing results.

  • Start with the Reinvent Training, then the Impact Training, and complete the journey with Legacy in Action.
  • Pay one price for all three trainings.
  • Attend each training anywhere it is held.
  • You have two years to complete all three trainings.

Save $500 by committing to the full-immersion training package.

If your desire is to be in charge of your own life and generate the results you long for, then the full-immersion package is the one for you.

Take the plunge and . . .


Why do these trainings work when so many other personal- or spiritual-growth options don’t?

They’re experiential.
These trainings engage your head, heart, and body. They unlock stuckness through integrated, embodied learning.

They’re highly interactive.
Change happens in highly interactive, group learning. Not by sitting through lectures.

They’re intensive.
These trainings are challenging environments. No growth happens if you don’t challenge your status quo.

They’re effective.
After thousands of enthusiastic graduates, the jury is in. These trainings work!

The investment for this powerful package deal is $2,485 for all three trainings—which is an amazing deal and a savings of $500.

bullet number 1

The Reinvent Training
Powerful strategies for success
Full price: $445.

bullet number 2

The Impact Training
Transformative engagement with others
Full price: $545.

bullet number 3

Legacy in Action
Sustainable practices for flourishing
Full price: $1,995.

The full-immersion package: The Reinvent Training, The Impact Training, and Legacy in Action

The Full-Immersion Package


per person

The full-immersion package: The Reinvent Training, The Impact Training, and Legacy in Action

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when purchased separately

The full-immersion package: The Reinvent Training, The Impact Training, and Legacy in Action

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