The Art of Being Married

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An opportunity to explore the purposes and provision inherent in every marriage.

Marriage is more art than science

That’s because marriages are formed by two dynamic, developing, and changing humans. The Art of Being Married weekend looks at the underlying attitudes, human tendencies, and big-picture purposes that can have a dramatic impact on your marriage. Through teaching, open interactions, and directed experiences with your spouse; you will have the opportunity to take a fresh look at the tremendous possibilities within your marriage.

Intimacy through disappointment

Marriage, like every other aspect of life, has various experiences. Some experiences align with our expectations and preferences, and others don’t. Very often our biggest expectations are brought into our marriage relationship and no human relationship can fulfill some of those expectations. The result is often hurt, disappointment, and separation in an effort to self-protect and manage frustration. In an overreaction to unmet expectations people often settle for less than what’s possible. In The Art of Being Married, we explore being with our various experiences in ways that expand connection and intimacy rather than separation.

Recalibrate, refocus, recommit, reinvent

There are also stages in every marriage and it is typical to continue operating in ways that worked well in earlier stages and may not be the most resourceful for where the marriage is now. The Art of Being Married workshop provides you with an opportunity to re-articulate commitment that takes into account where you are now and where you’re going.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transforming your marriage is priceless, however, the cost of this workshop may vary by region depending upon the sponsor venue and amenities included. The typical price range is between $450 to $895. Your registration covers the cost of your training experience. Lodging and some meals may or may not be included, again, depending upon venue, amenities, or region. Specific pricing can be found on registration form for the event you select. Once you register, you will receive more information on hotel and restaurant options.

Workshop Format

  • Short Lectures derived from The Beatitudes as applicable to marriage.
  • Experiential exercises to deepen and personalize the topics.
  • Group discussions for application and to further unpack observations

Day One

Workshop begins at 10 AM and concludes at approximately 10 PM.

Day Two

Workshop begins at 9 AM and concludes at approximately 6 PM. You will be served a lunch. Evening assignment with your spouse.

Day Three

Continental Breakfast at 11:00 AM. Workshop begins at 12 noon and concludes at approximately 7 PM.

The short answer is “Absolutely.”

Although the Art of Being Married does come from a Christian context and occasional references to the Bible are made, the purpose is not to proselytize but rather to distill wisdom and insights. The topics and concepts explored are not relegated to Christians alone but are relevant to all people. As an example, consider the Scriptural concept of sowing and reaping—this is a universal principle that you may have heard referred to as The Law of Reciprocity, or “you get what you give.” The invitation given is to listen for the truth offered in such passages that may support you in bringing about the results you desire or shed light on how come you are getting the results you currently have.

As you can see from the above example, everyone can relate to these types of universal principles. Great value has been found by anyone who attends—Christian or not.

If you’ve attended The Art of Being Married and would like to introduce it to your community, let’s talk. We have coaches who will work with you to build a team and help you turn your vision into a reality. Contact us at

What opportunities exist for me?

  • Rediscover your need, and tap into the provision you are, for each other
  • Rekindle romance and renew emotional connection
  • Recommit powerfully to a future worth having
  • Learn how to engage conflict creatively
  • Explore the connection between emotional intimacy and physical intimacy
  • Identify and implement best practices for effective communication
  • Redefine your vision
  • Reestablish a powerful foundation upon which to build the marriage you long for
  • Set a course that allows your marriage to have the impact and legacy God intended
  • Turn disappointment, betrayal, and unmet expectation into connection
Misty and I have never been able to take the time to focus solely on one another as we did during our Art of Being Married weekend and the tools we gained have allowed greater communication, much more effective conflict resolution and a stronger connection. We feel that Art of Being Married is an excellent opportunity for those in all phases of marriage, especially those who feel like their relationship is already strong… and it has not only been a blessing to us as a couple, but will also be a blessing to our children as they consider what a marriage relationship can look like.
Drew, Austin, Texas

We had a tremendous weekend at the Art of Being Married seminar—it was exactly what we needed. I think we have really turned a corner and are excited about what the future holds for our marriage.

Joey, Trabuco Canyon, California
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In most relationships, it is our insistence that pain be avoided that keeps us stuck.

Rediscover the provision you have in each other at the Art of Being Married.
Contact us about our workshops