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Specialized, Results-Based Coaching

If you want to maximize your results, coaching is an essential part of the process.

When you complete one of our trainings, you are in an optimal state to keep the ball rolling and create the results that you desire in your life. But, how do you negotiate the inevitable ebbs and flows and twists and turns that life throws at you? How do you break free of the habitual ways of relating that are so entrenched that you are blind to them? You can do it by engaging an ongoing interaction with a trained coach who understands how to help you make the most amount of progress in the least amount of time. They will help guide you into building new habits that will enable you to more effectively sustain your gains and generate the results you commit to.

Our coaches are trained and certified. And like you, they are graduates of our trainings. They have been where you are right now and can help you not only solidify your gains, but take them to a new level.

You can benefit from this coaching whether you just completed a training or took a training long ago. Either way, drilling down and implementing the disciplines and practices we focus on in our trainings is a powerful way to create the results you long for in your life.

We have two specific coaching products that are designed to accelerate your results after you complete one of our foundational trainings.
The Reinvent Training

The Reinvent Mastery Coaching Package

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This weekly coaching package picks up right where the Reinvent Training ends and helps you immediately start making gains in your life as you continue to redesign your strategies for living and implement them to produce powerful results in the areas that matter the most to you in your life.

The Impact Training

The Impact Mastery Coaching Package

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This weekly coaching package picks up right where the Impact Training left off helping you to create powerful shifts in your most important relationships, increase awareness of your effectiveness in life and gain confidence in the unique gift you are to the world.

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