Reinvent Mastery Coaching

If you want to maximize your results, coaching is an essential part of the process.

Now that you’ve experienced the Reinvent Training and have begun to reach for new opportunities in life, how will you achieve your goals? How will you make what you’ve learned stick when life throws you its inevitable twists and turns?

One option is to invest in Reinvent Mastery Coaching—a seven-week coaching package specifically designed for Reinvent Training grads.

Your Reinvent Mastery coach can be the ideal guide to keep you moving forward by helping you get what you experienced in the training into your bones.

Your coach will support you as you:

Continue to clarify your vision and the outcomes you want in life.

Uncover and explore your hidden and conflicting intentions that keep you stuck.

Own your life and leave the victim mindset behind.

Embrace feedback as a tool for vibrant learning.

Release resistance to circumstances that aren’t what you’d prefer and create the freedom to take new action.

Build the foundational elements of flourishing into your life and relationships.

Go all-in on celebrating wins and accomplishing what you set out to do.

All of our coaches are trained, certified, and also graduates of our trainings. They’ve been exactly where you are now and know what it takes to achieve a whole-new level of living.

What you get:

A custom-designed coaching workbook and curriculum full of valuable insights into the key distinctions and practices you experienced during the Reinvent Training, along with some new ones.

Seven weekly, one-on-one, 45-minute, coaching sessions with a world-class coach via phone or video call.

The opportunity to integrate transformational living into your heart and life as you build momentum toward achieving your goals.

Reinvent Mastery Coaching

Reinvent Mastery Coaching Package


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