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Supercharge your Impact Training results with specialized, results-based coaching.

If you want to maximize your Impact Training results, coaching is an essential part of the process. Every great athlete, performer, musician or actor has a coach. Many executives have coaches. When it comes to producing results in your life and keeping the momentum going, very few things can help as much as focused, professional coaching.

You are in an optimal state to keep the ball rolling and create the results that you desire in your life and have explored in the Reinvent Training. To stay the course will require intentionality, diligence and consistency. There will be a lot of new learning to be had along the way.

A coach is your guide that will stand with you to break through.

Take advantage of this custom designed, brand new Impact Training coaching experience so you can successfully negotiate the inevitable ebbs and flows and twists and turns that life is going to throw at you. No new habits are created in four days. This seven-week program gives you a chance to get what you experienced in the training into your bones.

This coaching package is specifically for Impact Training grads. Professional coaches are ready to support you in:

Pursuing your declarations your created in the training.

Breaking through the habits and ways of relating that keep you stuck.

Owning your life such that you are creating results that match your vision.

Growing in your capacity to engage promises and requests to create results.

Becoming a powerful invitation for feedback from others.

Continuing to clarify and empower your stand in life.

Expanding in forgiveness and connection with others.

Becoming the fullest expression of the gift God has made you to be in life.

You can do it by engaging in ongoing interaction with a trained coach who understands how to help you make the most amount of progress in the least amount of time. They will help guide you into building new habits that will enable you to more effectively sustain your gains and generate the results you commit to.

Our coaches are trained and certified. And like you, they are graduates of our trainings. They have been where you are right now and can help you not only solidify your gains, but take them to a new level.

During this seven-week coaching process:

You receive a custom designed coaching workbook and curriculum with all sorts of valuable insights into the key distinctions and practices covered in this training, along with some new ones.

You have seven weekly coaching sessions. These are one-on-one 45 minute coaching conversations with a trained, excellent coach, via phone or video call.

You get to build the rhythm of transformational living into your heart and life as you continue to build on your momentum over seven weeks.

Impact Mastery Coaching

Impact Mastery
Coaching Package


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Maximize your Impact Training results and break through.